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1. Contraceptives overview and conception
I'm a pharmacist, and even I get overwhelmed with how many oral contraceptives there are. Doctors usually pick the one with which they are most familiar, and there's nothing wrong with that approach. They know a few of them really well, and they can anticipate potential side effects.

2. Did I ovulate?
Depending on the source, it is estimated that perhaps all women do not ovulate at least one cycle per year. How do you know you ovulated?

3. Echinacea and conception
Echinacea has long been popular for colds and flu because it may help boost the immune system. It appears to be antiviral and stimulate T-cell production, very useful for a cold. However, it may also inhibit hyaluronidase, and this could factor in to decreasing your odds for conception.

4. Can You Feel Conception
Is there any truth to the claim that some women feel conception? Or if not the actual moment of conception, what might they feel?

5. Cinnamon and conception
Cinnamon is such a tasty spice, and it can even help your fertility. And this is a double-duty spice--it's good for the men, too. At last, an easy and inexpensive addition to your diet to help you conceive!

6. Conception in future generations
As much as you may be worried about conceiving now, you ought to think also about your children's ability to conceive. This can be affected by what you eat while pregnant, and then what you feed them once they're born.

7. Fertility is a gift wasted on the young
It is sad but true that your most fertile days are probably when you want to be least fertile. You can push that envelope, however, by how you live.

8. Astaxanthin and conception
Antioxidants are extremely important in reducing oxidative damage that occurs in our bodies and damages cells, especially reproductive cells. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant, but an even more powerful one is astaxanthin.

9. Red Clover and Conception
Red clover is no different from any other clover except that it has pretty little red blooms. Like all clover, it contains coumarin, which is the active ingredient in most rat poisons.

10. Rice and conception
Rice has more to it than carbs--that is, if you eat something other than white rice. Black rice has the ancient reputation of helping with conception, so let's examine that idea.

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